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Find the Answers to your questions’.

Sales-related questions

2. Can I buy directly from The Art of Blend?
3. Is there a minimum order for products?
4. Can I come and taste the product before I buy it?
6. Do you provide marketing materials?
7. Do you provide different recipes for the products?
8. Can I have the range with my own brand on the packaging?

Product-related questions

Is there a Dairy Free option?
1. What is a beverage powder?
2. How do I prepare the Art of Blend?
3. Do you have a protein based beverage powder?
4. Do I need to add milk and water to every base?
5. Do the bases have an expiry date?
6. How to I flavour the plain bases?

Equipment-related questions

1. What equipment do I need?
2. Do you hire/sell beverage machines?