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Drinkable Dessert

Drinkable Dessert

Drinkable Dessert

Creating a twist on the classic dessert serves


Enjoying something sweet at the end of a meal is the perfect way to leave a positive and everlasting impression on customers and capitalise on low-costing ingredients such as sugar, flour and cream. While many menus still include the traditional classics like chocolate mud cake, apple pie and sticky date pudding to name a few, the new trend to finish a meal is blended desert beverages – drinkable dessert. It’s putting a twist on the classic desert meals by creating blended beverages using the very flavours of the traditional cakes, slices and sweets. It is the trend that is taking the beverage market by storm not just appearing on restaurant menus but also in coffee shops, cafes and kiosks. Chocolate beverage cafes have sprung up that dedicate themselves to desserts, including the blended beverages like Banoffee Pie and Rocky Road Frappe.


Drinkable dessert come in many profiles, while come are based on actual dessert made into liquid or blended formats, others simply use the flavour and create ice-blended or hot beverages. Common serving suggestions for drinkable dessert include:

·         Dry mix – sometimes with a powdered base, mixed flavoured syrup and blended with water/milk and ice

·         Hot Serving – liquid heated to a hot temperature often with a sweet flavour or inspired by other ideas e.g. Italian hot chocolate, hot white chocolate

·         Shelf-stable or refrigerated – liquid beverage base such as flavoured milk

It is putting a twist on the classic way of enjoying something sweet. Desert focused eateries and bars are popping up overnight and re-imaging the classic desert entirely, changing typically plated dessert into blended beverages – merging together flavours and serving desert inspired cocktails. These desert based vendors are diversifying their menu with drinkable dessert while also appealing to the sweet tooth of every customer. 


A twist on the Classic

Nothing brings a smile to a sweet tooths face like an indulgent slice of chocolate mud cake, Banoffee pie or black forest, but instead of serving it the traditional way, many restaurants are taking their own approach. It is easy to create a traditional plated desert, with just enough ice cream, cream and decorative sauce for customers to keep coming back for more, what’s more difficult is convincing customers that the new drinkable dessert trend is just as good if not better. While some want a sweet end to a meal, other customers are looking for that sugar fix on the go, which is why drinkable dessert have become as prominent on beverage menus as they are now. Blending popular dessert and the flavours together with ice, milk and even ice cream, create that convenience customers look for in a beverage as well as that indulgent treat and sweet fix from a plated desert. Each menu hopes to create their own version of dessert, putting a twist on otherwise classic dessert and flavours. Creating a Banoffee pie is the basic banana, biscuit base, toffee and cream flavours – in a beverage it is all about blending the right amount of biscuit, banana and caramel to make it taste as though you are enjoying the traditional desert but in a more creative way. The thought of a drinkable desert certainly appeal to the customers as they are exciting, new and creative.


While chocolate is and always will be the top desert flavour it is one that is so easy to mix with other sweet treats. Chocolate cookies and cream combines the popular cheesecake and ice cream flavour cookies and cream, with a traditional and never failing chocolate flavour. Blended with a dairy product, ice and milk to create a creamy desert drink – it’s that easy and is the reason behind so many restaurants, café’s coffee houses and desert inspired vendors are adding drinkable dessert to their menu.  Traditional dessert are still as popular as ever, however when customers discover something new and creative it draws in more and more attention and repeat business. Drinkable dessert could owe some of their popularity to the growing beverage trend, with more and more customers choosing a quick blended beverage be it a smoothie, frappe or Iced Coffee/Tea over a sit down snack at a café.


Topping it Off

While the beverage itself is full of flavour and creaminess, what catches the eye of the customer is all about presentation – how it’s served and how it’s topped off.  It’s no secret that the biggest serving trend when it comes to blended beverages is old jam jars, they give that rustic, fun and creative feel to a beverage – makes it more of an experience than a standard glass or milkshake cup. Drinkable dessert also come out in tall sundae glasses and topped off with what you would expect to see on a plated desert.


Toppings come in many forms, often used to help enhance the overall flavour of the beverage especially when there are flavour combinations – cookies and cream beverages often have crushed Oreo and whipped cream on top. While sweet treats have been standard since day 1, with drinkable dessert expanding in the desert market the toppings are getting more indulgent and extravagant. The craze has expanded to include gourmet toppings such as caramel glaze, freeze-dried marshmallows, customised candy toppings, sweet rimmed glasses and caramel burnt sugar to name a few. Drinkable desert garnishes are literally endless opportunities of innovation – which flavours can top off and already indulgent blended beverage.


These desert inspired drinks have numerous combinations making them attractive for customers looking for that next something in their beverage flavour.  Often it’s about balancing that level of sweetness when expanding a desert menu – offer something both creative and customer satisfying.


Banoffee Pie Frappe

Ingredients 16oz/475ml serving

1 cup ice

¾ cup water

2 Scoops Velvet Dairy Frappe base

1 small banana

2 plain sweet biscuits

15ml Caramel Sauce


1.       Fill cup with ice, add water up to ¾ of the cup and pour into blender

2.       Add 2 scoops The Art of Blend Velvet Dairy Frappe base, banana, biscuits and caramel sauce

3.       Blend on high for 30seconds or until smooth

4.       Pour into serving glass and top with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and crushed biscuits.


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