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The smoothie market has rapidly grown over the past decade, driven significantly by the consumption habits of customers who have a focus on health and well-being. Customers concerns regarding the link between unhealthy eating habits and health issues have driven the popularity surrounding yoghurt smoothies in the food and beverage market. While pureed fruit drinks have been enjoyed for centuries, the general push for a better, healthier lifestyle has customers paying more attention to the ice blended, fresh fruit and vegetables delights. It is hard to find a beverage menu without a range of yoghurt smoothie options and more recently there are the Superfood Yoghurt Smoothie options. Superfoods, like smoothies have shot to the top of any food and beverage offering as the name refers to foods that have health-promoting properties. Typically they have unusually high content of antioxidants, vitamins or other nutrients which provided added health benefits. The new superfood smoothie options have a growing interest amongst customers who view yoghurt smoothies ad a snack food substitute to suit their busy ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles. Since smoothies are already viewed as a healthier alternative to other beverages, superfood yoghurt smoothies are being painted as a healthier snack food that still taste good.

What are Superfoods?

Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Mostly plant based such as blueberries, spinach, beans & grains, acai berries, kale and some fish and dairy such as salmon have the superfood label. Although there is not set food group for superfoods or criteria which determines what is and what isn’t a superfood, they are recognised especially by customers as foods that have large health benefits. While superfoods are good for one’s health, they are also introducing new foods for customers to add to their daily diet, including the superfoods in their smoothie is a more creative and convenient way to get the recommended 5 + a day. Superfoods have an extra-large dosage of vitamins and minerals that is believed help warn off illness, build a stronger immune system and live by a healthier lifestyle. Some of the nutrients found in superfoods can include antioxidants, healthy fats and fiber. Some of the most popular superfoods are:

Blueberries: Often top the list of superfoods because they are rich in vitamins, soluble fiber and phytochemicals (the chemical found in plants responsible for deep colours and smells).


Spinach along with others in the amaranth family are loaded with vitamins A, C and K, as well as fiber, calcium and other minerals.


Beans are a source of low-fat protein and contain both insoluble fiber which lowers cholesterol and soluble fiber which provides a longer feeling of fullness.

Whole Grains

Unlike refined beans that are stripped of their nutrients containing bran and germ during processing, whole grains have the similar benefits to beans with lower levels of protein

Acai Berries

One of the most well recognised superfoods, Acai Berries have a high level of antioxidants similar to cranberries. Acai berries are low in sugar but contain excellent amounts of iron, calcium, fiber and vitamin A. Kale

The face of the superfood trend – Kale is one of if not the main vegetable thought of with the mention of super foods. Loaded with antioxidants, Omega-3, fatty acids, iron, Vitamins A, K and C, calcium and fiber, Kale is a green powerhouse. While most people know superfoods as fruit and vegetables, fish is also considered one of the most beneficial superfoods.


Although salmon is considered one of the fatty fishes, the fats are primarily Omega-3 fatty acids which many people can’t get enough of. Additionally salmon has high quantities of proteins and nutrients, including potassium, selenium and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12.

Why the Buzz?

People are beginning to see that bottled fruit juices contain similar sugar amounts to carbonated soft drinks, which is a big reason for the boost in smoothie sales. With a huge focus being on health and wellness, smoothies have become an ideal alternative to snacking and meal replacements. While fresh fruit and vegetables smoothies have been the image of a healthier diet, superfood smoothies have the added nutrients and antioxidants of a more balanced healthier diet. Partnering smoothies and superfoods offer a balanced diet in one serving and also show customers how ingredients can be blended together to create a food substitute. One of the most popular superfood smoothies on menu in past years has been a green smoothie, which mixes leafy greens such as spinach and kale with avocado, cucumber and mint. This blend of superfood ingredients gives the same energy and sense of fullness as a small meal while also maintaining sugar levels and portion control. The convenience of superfood smoothies are a relatively large draw in popularity because it meets the needs of people living an on-the-go lifestyle. They provide a quick and easy way to get the recommended ‘5+ a day’ and enjoy a wider range of greens,berries and grains.

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Disclaimer: the claim and data in this article are open sourced and not linked to any research.

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