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All about Hot Chocolate

All about Hot Chocolate

There is no arguing that when it comes to a hot beverage, a classic hot chocolate is like receiving a warm  hug in a mug. Enjoying a mug of a traditional, no fail hot chocolate has been a luxury in the colder months for as long as anyone can remember and the reason behind what makes enjoying a mug of hot chocolate so satisfying is the luxurious taste and feel that warms your whole body, paired with the thick, silky and rich taste. Even with the beverage trends continuing to change and grow, with more focus being on blended beverages and ‘health conscious’ options, Hot Chocolate has remained as one of the popular and recognised beverages on the menu.  New trends and product innovation is the driving force behind keeping hot chocolate up with coffee, tea, blended beverages and smoothies.

Hot Chocolate in the past was regarded as an indulgent treat and aimed widely at the younger demographic, now more and more customers are introducing it to their preferences, as different flavours, serving suggestions and higher quality blends are on offer. Although cocoa is a bit of a sweetener along with some fluffy marshmallows, an added ingredient or two can push hot chocolate as the beverage of choice. Flavours such as salted caramel, peanut butter and spices added to hot chocolate are having a huge impact on the growth of the beverage. Taking inspiration from blended beverage offerings, Hot Chocolate has been able to keep its stamp on beverage menus as well as expanding. While instant hot chocolate is universal around the world, Cafes are following the trends of tea, coffee and other beverages with flavour additions – adding something more to get something different. Although cocoa is a bit of a sweetener along with some fluffy marshmallows, an extra ingredient or two can fully enhance the classic chocolate flavour. One of the biggest changes to the hot chocolate trend is the introduction of Hot White Chocolate – a change from the traditional milk or dark. White Chocolate has had significant growth within the beverage market for both blended and hot beverages, a simple yet exquisite flavour added to beverages to offer something more, for example:

  • Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
  • Spiced Chai Hot Chocolate
  • Hot White Chocolate Mocha
  • Peanut Hot Chocolate
  • Salted-white chocolate caramel

Along with adding something spicy, salty or sweet to traditional hot chocolates, the trend of enjoying a thicker, richer and less sweet chocolate is back. The Art of Blend Italian Style Hot Chocolate is created using the perfect blend of 3 premium cocoas, to create a thick, rich Italian inspired chocolate beverage. With a thicker, creamier mouth feel – the beverage itself has a desert feel towards it.

Hot Chocolate is a classic beverage to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and especially during the colder months. As the beverage market continues to grow so does the demand for new and innovative beverage flavours, and with chocolate as the base flavour, beverage menus are continuing to find something creative and delicious to mix it up.

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