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About us

The Art f Blend is the synergy of art and food together – the look, taste and feel only a premium beverage can provide. Each blend has been created using the finest ingredients available, from Forastero cocoa to Arabica coffee and a secret blend of spices to produce the ultimate drinking experience.

The Art of Blend offers a range of beverage powder bases, strictly created so you can ‘design to excite’ your customers with frappes, smoothies, granita blends, over ice or served hot. The Art of Blend offers complete flexibility without compromising the quality of a gourmet beverage. Created by just adding water, each blend can be enjoyed on its own or let your creativity fly by adding fruits, flavourings, toppings, syrups and just about anything to impress the most refined customer tastes.

We put our heart into everything we do – the recipes, packaging and endless ‘design to excite’ possibilities are all part of this exquisite and creative range of beverage powders.

Thanks to our experienced Research and Development team and extensive production capabilities, The Art of Blend clients have the option to develop a custom formulation and branded product that best suits their business needs.

About us


Design to Excite